Pop Art Portraits – What are they?

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warhol-pop-artPopular art, or simply Pop Art, is an artistic style that portrays or exhibits modern culture. It used everyday items or people to suggest elements of post-war lifestyle, mainly through media and advertising. This term is coined by an English critic, Lawrence Alloway, in 1958 on a monthly edition of the Architectural Digest. On his article, he stated that Pop Art shattered the bound between classical or fine arts and the commercial arts. Popular art brought back the dead perception of mankind to arts, since many have been rejecting abstract works because of its sophistication and old-aged nature. Pop art portraits of famous celebrities scattered all over the world, found in every museum, photo exhibits, and art galleries. Well, what are those? Just a few more paragraphs and you’ll know how wonderful pop art is.

It started off as a visual movement of several artists who simply wanted a change. Warhol, Lichtenstein, and others founded this group. Considerably one of the biggest art movements of the 20th century, Pop art is mainly characterized by themes, techniques, and concepts pulled out from popular mass culture. Television, movies, advertising, and even comic strips served as instruments in delivering pop art to the world. Pop art portraits started to appear on every corner. It aimed to employ figures of popular culture, which is by that time sweeping every race and country like a shock wave. Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe embodied their names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at the same time amplifying the influence of Pop art. Opposing the conventional and primitive styles, pop art emphasized on building a fresh and chic trend that targeted a broad audience. It was easy to understand, swift, and recognizable by young and old alike. Pop art portraits became so iconic that it used for advertising products like chocolates and dresses.

Today, pop art has faded. However, it left an impression that will be passed from generations to generations. A modern-day photo editing software features a pop art effect. Vibrant four-panelled portraits for a Warhol style and plain, comic ones for a Lichtenstein picture are just some of the most famous styles of pop art. These were marked by clear lines and genius paintwork with apparent representations of symbols, objects, and people commonly found in popular culture. Abstract Expressionism stumbled on the ground, displaying a significant submission to Pop Art’s influence and power over the global media. It controlled every aspect of mass culture, modernism, and consumerism. Business empires applied it to their print ads and pamphlets. Every product endorsed using pop art commonly run out of stock. Pop art portraits of every idols being worshipped by their die-hard fans are widespread scenarios. Gigantic proportions, a unique characteristic of pop art, were used for role plays and films. The 1950’s and 1960’s stood as Pop art’s era and dominion. Even though its presence is apparently weak nowadays, an era will always be an era. Popular art, or Pop Art, is undeniably a pinnacle of the art we have today. So try making some pop art portraits now. Who knows? You may revive the once very dynamic genre of popular culture.

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