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photos to artArt is considered one of the most passionate and most powerful things in human life; and is most celebrated every day, consciously or unconsciously by the human physique and mind. Art itself is a form of words and expressions voiced out by different bodies. It is mother to Literary works, Dance, Music and Crafts.  All these are considered art and its little strings of life is found everywhere in the eyes of an artist.

It’s in every sound, every corner and even in every picture. No piece is ever dull – not even a simple photograph. For a photograph is a frame fitting in ones hand but voices out a thousand words. Although, some people might not appreciate it.  Not everyone can have the eye of an artist. Just as we all have different taste in music and foods, we all have different tastes in art as well. But how do you take a simple picture and create it into something well worth everyone’s praise? Turn your photos to art.

In choosing your photo, you need to have the correct choice within the selection between the different methods that the visual arts itself can offer you. Making the correct choice in order for your picture to come to life and allowing the brush or the pen to embody your photograph would turn it into a breathtaking sight of beauty with a classical twist.

We have first and for most, the Coloured Pencil Method. With the coloured pencil method, you have a different variety and a wide choice of colours giving your photo a classy yet fun effect with its correct shades and strokes. The coloured pencil method is beautiful with its dazzling array of hues. This technique is most charming and goes well with photos of children or maybe, a soft photograph of a person whose face contains soft or loving emotions. Dramatic in its own way, the coloured pencil method can give either a very strong depiction or presence of your photo or a very soft and gentle voice calling out.

Pencil Sketch is also known as free hand drawing. A sketch itself is simple with a single ‘black’ colour to it. Although to some, it is dull – pencil sketches are also beautiful and refreshing to the human eye. Just like any other form or technique in visual arts, Pencil Sketches are also very dramatic in their own way. With just one simple and plain colour as some might say, it has different tones and shades. Depending on the volume and heaviness of the strokes and sharpness of the lines, a sketched or drawn portrait can give off its own story and essence as demanding as any other technique. As simple as it is, it is perfect for people who love simplicity over fanciness. Pencil sketches have little colour to them as mentioned earlier, but this is comes to an advantage because it can never be overdone.

Oil painting is one of the most dramatic and most loved, yet the most complicated medium in the branch of visual arts. The method of oil painting itself, starts off with the artist drawing a sketch of his/her subject on the canvas. The process of oil painting takes time, its procedure as delicate as it is beautiful to the human eye. Oil paint over oil paint and the process of allowing that layer of paint dry as much as to avoid it from peeling off in a short amount of time. Some people might think that oil painting is easy; it isn’t what it appears to be. With its complicated yet enchanting mix of shades with the help of different types of paintbrushes, palette knives and even rags and art conservators will never consider a single oil painting dry until it reaches its 60 to 80 year old mark.

But as complex as it sounds, if you wish to turn any of your photos to art – oil panting bends and goes along very well with any type of photograph. Unlike some of the methods, this method itself does not demand too much and is flexible with any type of photo – be it a simple portrait photo, or even a family photo. Something bright perhaps or something dark, oil painting is perfect for any kind of snapshot, or the kind of message it gives. It is a thing of beauty given during the 5th century and its splendour never grows old. In fact, the older the photo – the more exquisite it becomes.

The last Method that you should consider in the choice of creating any of your photos to art is, the mild yet striking method known as Watercolour. Known as watercolour in the United States and Aquarelle in French – Watercolour is a painting method whose customary support is paper, fabric and of course canvas as well as wood, leather and vellum. This method is known to give off a soft and luminous effect and in east china – watercolour painting is known as scroll or brush painting with ink as its paint. The method of Watercolour is extremely old and it gives the most classic effect of all the methods you should consider using if you want to turn your photos into art.

With watercolour, you can choose simple scenes, perhaps a photograph of you and someone special walking in the beach, children playing under the falling autumn leaves or maybe a candid photo of yourself staring into space under the drifting flakes of the cold winter. It’s perfect shades and the technique is great for landscapes as your major subject in the photo.

You have a choice with which method you would want to use, and which one you think is best for your photograph. In turning your photographs into art, you can do this the old-fashioned way or use today’s technology. You can have an artist paint or create this piece of art for you, but this would cost you. If you’re looking for ways in making your photo into art but do not wish to spend too much, can edit your photographs through the internet or other picture editing programs, often free of charge.

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