Free Monthly Photo Contest – Only 4 Days To Go!

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Free Monthly Photo Contest

. . . 4 days to go until our Photo Competition Launches!

Are you thinking of taking some new pics for our competition? Here are some easy to remember tips to get the best results for your photos.

  • GET DOWN TO THE SAME LEVEL AS YOUR SUBJECT: This is advisable especially if you are taking pictures of your pets or children, so be sure not to tower over them.
  • USE A NEUTRAL BACKGROUND: Where possible try to photograph where you have a plain background this will prevent distraction from your image and help enhance your subject.
  • MOVE IN CLOSE TO YOUR SUBJECT: To give your picture impact, especially if your subject is still life or flowers move in close or use your zoom to fill your viewfinder with your subject.
  • TAKE BOTH VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL IMAGES: Sometimes you can make your images a little more interesting by turning your camera sideways for a Vertical shot so make a conscious effort to do this.
  • BE AWARE OF YOUR LIGHTING: Whether it is indoors or outdoors be aware of casting shadows on your subject especially in portrait photography. Remember great lighting=great pictures. Don’t be afraid to use your flash outside too as this will add as a fill light to emphasise your subject.
  • PLACE YOUR SUBJECT OFF-CENTRE: Moving to the left or right of your subject can give you a more interesting photograph. Your subject doesn’t always have to be centre in your image.
  • USE PROPS: Especially when taking pictures of your kids. They tend to get bored posing so make things a bit more fun for them while adding a little extra to your images. Use everyday props such as sunglasses, umbrellas, flowers or favourite toys to add some fun to your pictures this will give you more natural reactions from your subjects.
  • HAVE FUN!: Most of all just have FUN with your photography! Its not supposed to be serious so get snapping with your family and friends!

Have a great day!

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