Create Your Own Pop Art Portraits! Ideas To Save Your Wallet From Drowning

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lichtenstein-pop-artYou want to make your house a home. Floorings and furniture are not enough. You want something more. So now, you consider to decorate your walls to fill those blank spaces with style and décor. However, the family’s budget is quite tight. You have to wait, stop and think “First, I’m going food shopping, then pay little Angie’s tuition, settle those electricity bills, then buy a new…etc”.  The expenditures are endless! Of course, you dream of having a fancy home with chic wall décors, but your wallet is already coughing up due to “dryness”. Some pop art portraits can be so expensive. But do not worry! Why spend your hard earned cash when you can make your own wall art? Let your artistic talents and imagination glow! One does not have to be an expert on good design. So, why not try these ideas?

If you like strong, vibrant pictures, go for pop art portraits! Find pictures of popular people, things, places, food or anything that is popular and highly stylise them with bold colours. Dab them with paint, make a collage, change their colours – you can do anything you wish! Frame them and place them in your house wherever they best suit the room. An example of a pop art is Warhol’s famous Campbells Soup artwork. Have a quick search on-line to find this example and many more.

Other than that, if you have a liking to Photography, take out those photos and place them on the wall. Photos capture places, moments and the people you love. What makes a house a true home? Love. So, whenever a family member pauses and hesitates in front of a framed photograph, he or she recalls those sweet times. This kind of work requires little effort and can be inexpensive. You can take your photos to a photo printer and have it enlarged and developed. Some printers offer to print your photos on canvas. This makes your photos seem old-aged and looks like it really has been painted!

Different cut-outs from old magazines, newspapers or postcards give you that vintage feeling. Making your own textile wall hanging can be a lot fun too! Sewing different pieces of cloth can give that bohemian-hippie chic look! Your children’s drawings also make adorable wall art. If they also like painting, get them involved too. That way even more memories will flood back each time you view your pop art.

Making your own pop art is fun and can save you a lot of money. Remember, when decorating, let it come from your heart. Wall art shows what kind of person you are. What’s more your artwork will evoke deep personal and emotional emotions for both you and your family.

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