Colour Photo To Black And White

Colour Photo To Black And White

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[HOW TO:] Colour Photo To Black And White

Welcome to our first of many Photography, Art & Design tutorials to come from MattsCanvas Tutorials. We will also be incorporating our MC-TV Youtube channel for those who prefer to watch tutorials rather than read them.

Our first tutorial is a basic conversion of a colour photo to black and white, which whilst being a simple process, a visual tutorial seems to be sought after by many of you. It literally takes two minutes to convert your photo to black and white. There are many free methods on-line to complete this task. However, we will be using the free on-line ‘photoshop express’ facility for the purpose of our tutorial.

There are many uses for black & white photography. From the invention of photography there was no other choice. Therefore black and white photos automatically create a nostalgic, timeless feel to any photograph. The vibrancy of a colour photo can often distract from the detail within an image. So if you are looking for that timeless feel to your photograph, then below we show you exactly how to do it.

First, navigate to ‘’ using your chosen browser.

colour photo to black and white 1

Scroll down and click on ‘start the editor’.

colour photo to black and white 2

You are then presented with the photo upload screen. If you had previously saved an image and have a account, then you can sign in and load a photograph from your on-line library. However, for this tutorial we shall simply upload a new photograph.

Click the ‘upload photo’ button.

colour photo to black and white 3

You are then advised of image formats.

colour photo to black and white 4

Ensure your image is a .jpg file. Most cameras will save your image as a .jpg automatically so no need to worry. If not then convert to .jpg before using the editor.

Then simply navigate to, and select your chosen image for editing.

colour photo to black and white 5

Your image will then be loaded into the editor. Scroll down to the ‘advanced’ section on the left hand side and select ‘black & white’. Here you are then presented with varying shades of black and white to choose from.

colour photo to black and white 6

When you have decided on which image you require, simply select by clicking on it’s thumbnail. You have now converted your photograph to black and white!

Now click ‘done’. You will then be asked how you would like to save your new photograph. You have the choice to edit the file name as well as three size options.

These are:
Maximum (1934 x 2048)
Email/Web (967 x 1024)
Thumbnail (242 x 256)

colour photo to black and white 7

Now simply save and your done!

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