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Monday, 2 November 2009

Canvas Prints - The best way to display family photos

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Gone are the days when you have to go to the photo shop to have your photographs enlarged and then use it to adorn your walls in the house. Remember the house where you grew up in? The old traditional houses have walls full of photos just inside of a frame with no edge whatsoever. Every house in town has that same wall decoration. This is an old tradition already and the new thing now is to decorate the walls of your house by having your photos onto Canvas Prints. By doing so, it will make your house’s walls up-to-date and your photos will also look amazing in canvas prints.

Canvas Prints
gives a different touch to your photographs. It is fresh, unique and an invigorating way that will heap praise from every guest that comes into your house. Canvas prints are fairly simple. You just need to have your digital photos printed on the canvas by transporting photos on canvas instead of the usual printed photographs. If, however, photos on the wall are not your thing, you can also make use of giclee prints on the canvas. This is done by having your beautiful art prints changed into digital art and then afterwards, having them printed onto canvas.

Another option you can have is getting abstract photos on canvas prints. The general idea is actually photos of families or portraits on canvas prints but having abstract photos onto canvas can also be very attractive to your home.

One other feature provided by the company is giving a different twist to the color or entirely changing it which can also be transported from the pictures onto canvas. If that is not enough, you can also put on more special effects to your photographs and get them on canvas prints to make them simply one of a kind. You can easily just send the picture to the company and they will make it the best possible canvas art. However, if you do not want that option, they also offer pictures from their very own gallery that is also available for the consumers to choose from.

When you have picked the photograph of your choice, you need now to state the length and width (dimensions) of the canvas prints you want. The best thing about this is that this amazing deal is cost at a very practical price. The price is reasonable when you think about how the company have helped you put the photos into new and fresh Canvas Prints. Who knew that you can stick to your budget and still give your home an updated touch?

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Portrait Photography Tips - How to Capture Stunning Pictures of Your Children

Enter our FREE Competition - Win £150 worth of Pop Art Portraits every month! 'Cute Kid' & 'Cute Pet' prizes to be won.

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. With a camera in your hand, you can take pictures of just about anyone or anything you lay your eyes on. But when transferring your Photo to Canvas you want the photo to be the best it possibly can be! We would like to share some tips on achieving the best Canvas Prints possible!

Photography has several types and there are certain people that specialise on each type. Portrait Photography is a renowned type of photography. First of all, portrait photography is defined wherein the main focus is on the face and the expression of the subject. The purpose of this kind of photography is to show the mood, likeness and personality of whoever is being photographed. One thing that separates portrait photography from other photography techniques is the fact that the subjects being used are non-professional models. The most common subjects for portrait photography are children. Children are normally happy and carefree, making them the perfect models for portrait photography. If you want to take shots of your children like a pro, here are some portrait photography tips that you may utilise.

Below are our top ten Portrait Photography tips:

1. Do not stick to one angle. Change your perspective.
This is first up on the list of portrait photography tips for many reasons. First of all, the majority of portrait shots are captured with the camera positioned on the subject’s eye level or around it. Although this is standard in photography, experimenting with different angles to shoot from can provide that certain “WOW” factor in your portrait. One good idea is to shoot from the top while looking down on your subject. You may also do it the other way around, with you staying as close as possible to the ground while shooting up. Regardless of what angle, you will surely find something interesting with your shot. Experiment!

2. Alter eye contact.
The eyes of your subject can greatly affect the whole picture. Usually, photographers have their subjects look directly at the lens of the camera. This creates a “connection” between the model and the people who are looking at the image. Some also prefer no eye contact at all. Looking off the camera shows candidness. Moreover, the viewer of the picture gets a bit curious as to what the subject is looking at, particularly when the subject is laughing, crying or showing any emotions. There are also some photographers that have the models looking at objects in the frame. A good example is a child looking hungrily at his plate. Experiment!

3. Learn when to “break the rules”.
Photography also has its share of rules. Now don’t get me wrong, these rules are really very useful. However, they are not applicable at all times. Sometimes, you have got to break free from rules to create stunning photos. Do I have to say it again?

4. Experiment with your lighting.
Lighting is essential in photography. Sometimes, the lighting can determine the quality of the shot. There are literally numerous possibilities when using lighting in your portraits. Silhouetting or backlighting creates a sense of power while side lighting can produce a great mood. And remember you do not need expensive lighting to do this. Simply use what you have around your house. POsition lights in different areas and see which results you prefer.

5. Take your subject out of his/her comfort zone.
Have your subject try something new. He or she should not get used to limited poses and angles. One thing that he may try is the jumping shot. This can create a real unique portrait. Try something out of the box every once in a while. However, always try to show the subjects character through the photograph.

6. Capture candid portraits.
Sometime, posed shots become boring and overrated. There are some subjects that do not mesh well with a posed environment or they simply do not look good on posed pictures. If this is the case, you may try the candid approach. Take a picture of your child while he is playing, eating or taking a bath. This will make the whole “candid” thing natural. Again use this time to experiment with lighting at different levels.

7. Include props in your photo shoot.
Adding props into your portraits is a way of producing another subject of interest that can improve your shot. You should, however, use props that will not capture the focus of the viewer. Rather, use some props that will give a sense of story to the image. For your own children then why not use that favourite toy? This can only add to your 'connection' with the photograph. You will always have that memory to look back on when your children outgrow that favourite toy!

8. Center your attention on a single body part. Do close ups.
This is one of the most effective portrait photography tips being utilized by professionals. Take a close picture of any of your subject’s body parts. The usual targets are the hands, mouth, eyes and even the lower body. These kinds of portraits can leave the viewers of the portraits wondering about its meaning. Try a low shot with the hand being the closest in view and the child's face distant in the background.

9. Make parts of your subject unclear.
You probably have seen portraits where everything but the subject is vague and unclear. This technique is done on purpose and can put emphasis on the subject and not on the people or objects that surround it. Or have a reputable company like MattsCanvas deal with such amendments for you.

10. Capture multiple shots.
Most of the cameras today have “continuous shooting” or “burst” modes. Set your camera to this mode and start taking multiple shots. In doing so, you will be making a series of pictures that could be combined together rather than a single image. This idea is perfect for children, since they change positions quickly.

By applying the aforementioned Portrait Photography tips, you can start taking pictures of the little ones just like a professional photographer.

MattsCanvas offer various styles to choose from when transferring your favourite Photos to Art. Our products include Photos on Canvas, Canvas Prints and Pop Art Portraits. Pop Art Portrait styles include Warhol Pop Art, Lichtenstein Pop Art, Che Guevara Pop Art and many more. Visit MattsCanvas to see the various styles that we offer and for latest news, discounts & FREE Competition!

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Monday, 7 September 2009 - Free Warhol Pop Art Competition winners announced!

Enter our FREE Competition - Win £150 worth of Pop Art Portraits every month! 'Cute Kid' & 'Cute Pet' prizes to be won.

So our first Pop Art Competition is finished, the artwork completed and the winners prizes are winging there way to the two lucky winners as we speak! Our first winners of our first ever Pop Art Portrait competition were:

Cute Kid Pop Art Winner:
Mellissa Sherratt from Manchester

Cute Pet Pop Art Winner:
Karla Heeks from Cheshire

We have attached a small before and after image to let you see the winners designs and to let you know that prizes are there to be won! All previous entrants are free to submit once again in this months new competition. You can submit for as many months as you wish until you become a lucky winner. So get your favourite Cute Kid and Cute Pet photos and submit them now in our free monthly competition! Good Luck!

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Photos on Canvas, elements that make life so much more interesting

Enter our FREE Competition - Win £150 worth of Pop Art Portraits every month! 'Cute Kid' & 'Cute Pet' prizes to be won.

While you are thinking of ways to make your house feel more like a home, it is equally important to look at the great ideas that might work for the spaces you want to give a little sprucing up. If you are particularly fond of art works, you should take a look at Photos on Canvas, which are very popular these days. These pieces of Art that are incredibly suggestive, as well as entertaining, depict various representations of life, as well as elements that make life so much more interesting.

Photos on Canvas are available for sale online, so if you are up for a little shopping for decorations, you should hit as many stores as you can so that you will see just how wide your choices are. If your intention is to make your house feel so much warmer, you should look into the pieces that would bring out such sense of tranquility. You can find such pieces as long as you have the patience to pore through the stores that offer a variety of art works.

A good way to narrow down the choices of which Photos to Canvas pieces you should buy is to map out even the roughest plan as to what you would want your space to look like. If you are decorating the whole house, make sure that you would pick an area that would be the focal point so that you can work on it well. The Photos to Canvas pieces that you can choose from can also give you additional ideas that might work better than your original plan, but make sure that you stick to what you really want in the first place.

Try not to change everything in your house just to accommodate the pieces that you want to acquire. Know that there are Photos to Canvas works that can act as highlights of a certain space without the need to uproot all things that were formerly displayed. You can probably discard those that are no longer very attractive or those that have been tarnished by wear and tear so that it would look fresh especially with the addition of a new decorative accent.

You should know that among all the choices in Art that you can find online, there will always be a handful that will suit your personal taste as well as your budget. Do not fret if you are finding it hard to pore through the designs because it is an essential process that you need to go through in order to find the best ones that would look immaculate in your home space.

Spending hard earned money for this type of work of Art would only be worth it if you are able to decorate your home as well as you had hope to accomplish, which is certainly not that hard as long as you have all that you will need. Home living can be a lot sweeter with beautiful and soothing decorative pieces that has a part of who you are represented by the folds and images.

MattsCanvas have over 15 years experience in the print and publishing industries. Why not have a look at our range of Canvas Prints, Photos on Canvas & Pop Art Portraits.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Photos on Canvas – A Unique but Personalised Way of Expressing Art

Enter our FREE Competition - Win £150 worth of Pop Art Portraits every month! 'Cute Kid' & 'Cute Pet' prizes to be won.

Wanting to have a beautiful home is but natural for us. We want our homes to be havens where we can relax, feel free and be comfortable. We also want our homes to have their own character and branding. We do not want it to be exactly the same way as the other homes or else it would feel to impersonal and cold. One way to make our homes the way we want it is to personalise it. Instead of having common decors and furniture, we want hand-picked interior decors that say much about personality and character.

Despite this wants, not all of us can afford to personalise our homes the way we want it. Many of us are blocked by the fear of spending too much. However, in these modern times, we have more options as to how we can add the personalized touch to our homes and offices; and that is through the use of a modern art called Photos on Canvas.

Photos on Canvas is a unique way to add color, life and character to once barren walls and rooms. If you are just tired of framing your usual photos or if you are not happy with your current wall decors, then why not have a special photograph be immortalised on canvas? This way, you can instantly have a modern but personal art form on your walls that will surely complement any kind of interior theme.

Creating Photos on Canvas involves the process of transferring the images of original photographs onto canvas. Since it is transferred on this material, you can expect your photos on canvas to be so durable and protected that it can last for years. With the use of the latest print art technology and also with the help of talented canvas artists, you can enlarge your photos or even have them customized into other canvas print designs.

Capturing your favorite Photos on Canvas needs talent as well as a sense of art. It is something that you just do not commission to any company. If you want to have top quality Canvas Prints and designs, then you ought to find a company who can do the job to your expectations. One such company that is worth trying out for any kind of canvas printing is MattsCanvas. This family run and owned business has a long history not just of talent but also excellent service so you can expect to be fully satisfied with any of your Canvas Print needs.

Placing an order for a Photos on Canvas or for other Canvas Print products is now very convenient. You can process your order online and upload the photo that you want printed. You can customise your photo into Canvas Prints in sepia, in full color, in black and white, or even as a Pop Art Portrait. Other Canvas Print products that are popular include Abstract Canvas Prints, Geometric Canvas Prints, Pet Portraits, and Nature Canvas Prints. When it comes to printing Art on Canvas, practically the sky and your imagination are the only limits!

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Canvas Prints - the new way to display Art

Canvas Prints are an art form that is modern and can be found in almost every home. Usually done digitally, Canvas Prints are a great way to attract customers, with their beautiful imagery and high quality resolution. If you have wanted a portrait of your self or family, canvas printing can be a great and less expensive way of doing this.

The nice thing about Canvas Printing is that it is relatively easy to do, easy to maintain, and will last you a long time. With high quality prints and all these advantages, more and more people are turning to canvas printing. Canvas prints are usually made from cotton or plastic.

If you love photography, or simply love having photos of friends, family, and others displayed in your house, you will benefit much from canvas printing. Give your photos that classic painting look; with Canvas Printing, your regular photograph can look like a magnificent painting on canvas, fit for display! You can have a whole gallery at home—put these beautiful images along the hallway or in your living room to show friends and family. They are classy and beautiful—the perfect display for a cozy and elegant home.

Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, you will love the effect of canvas printing. Turn your house into a museum of your photographs; arrange these prints in your gallery, showcasing your best photographs and watch as people become amazed at the details. The beauty of Canvas Printing is that unlike film, canvas prints will not fade over time. You will get to keep your prints for a very long time, and have them looking just as they did when you first got them. They are very low maintenance, and yet their stunning look will not lose their glimmer even after many years have passed. Like beautiful paintings on canvases, you can pass this on to the next generations, preserving your work and legacy.

With these benefits, who would not want to turn to canvas printing? Thanks to modern technology, we now have these advantages. It is easy to make, as you will only have to upload your photograph or image to a computer, and print it, using many different types of software to enhance the image. After printing it, many people also choose to coat the print, not only so that it will last for a long time, but also to give the painting a nice, shiny gloss.

When you try Canvas Printing, you will be amazed at the quality of the image, and you will be pleased at how beautiful and how easy to maintain it is. Many people will wonder how you achieved the fine details, as well as the magnificent colours. Even if you are printing a black and white photo, the details will really stand out, and will greatly enhance the dark and light properties of a black and white photo. Give your photos the look they deserve; print them on a canvas and give them that classic, timeless look. Order your Canvas Prints now.

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