Andy Warhol Master Pop Art Artist

Andy Warhol Master Pop Art Artist

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Andy Warhol is certainly on the lips of many people these days as the master of pop art. But do you have a custom Andy Warhol pop art on your wall? While many people truly love Andy Warhol, not many of us partake in actually producing our very own pop art. A pleasure we should all experience once in our lives.

Pop art has been known to bring joy and happiness to those who enjoy the craft. Perhaps it’s the bright colours or the ease at which we are able to understand the artwork. Whatever the reasons, pop art is not going away any time soon. Now is the time to take up your love and passion for pop art. Grab yourself a custom pop art at MattsCanvas today and you will experience a truly unique piece of pop art to treasure for over 100 years.

No longer should you need to hunt through Art galleries looking for that special piece of art that brings joy to your interiors. Fully customise your art the way you want it. We will fully customise to suit your needs and provide that truly unique gift you have always wanted.

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Pop Art Tutorials – 5 Top Techniques To Make Your Art Pop!

Pop Art Tutorials – 5 Top Techniques To Make Your Art Pop!

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lady gaga pop art

We are often asked for pop art tutorials to help illustrate and describe how we create our pop art. However, every piece of pop art we create is completely different depending on the clients photograph supplied to us. So the best advice we can give is to try and get a grasp of the basic techniques first by completing some pop art tutorials. Then practice until your arm feels like it is going to drop off. Every day! Then you will soon be making stunning life like pop art portraits with ease.

So what are the basic pop art tutorials? What skills are required to allow me to develop my own skills and techniques? Luckily for you we have put together what we feel are some of the best Pop art tutorials available online. After completing these pop art tutorials you will be producing pop art worthy of our British Art galleries! And of course come back and let us see your work when complete!

Our Top 5 Pop Art Tutorials From Around The Web


Design cool, scalable pop art with Illustrator

pop art tutorials 1
Preparation is the greatest achievement when starting any new artwork. Fail to prepare? Then be prepared to fail. No artwork will look amazing without putting in the man hours. Get the preparation done properly and the creation process is well on its way to success. This pop art tutorial also allows for learning the basics of the Lichtenstein style bendey dots often used throughout pop art designs. So you get the best of both worlds here with learning how to properly prepare your artwork and perfect your bendey dots!


How to Create Vector Art with Photoshop

pop art tutorials 2
Have a preference to vector over raster? Pixelation getting you down? Well a good way to start advancing in the vector world is to start creating vector artwork. While a true vector package such as adobe illustrator is required to create true vector art. We can also create vector art using adobe Photoshop. However you have been warned that vector art can take many, many hours to complete. Often a portrait can take several days to complete. But there is nothing more rewarding than creating stunning portraits from scratch and I suggest you dive straight in!


How to Create an Andy Warhol Inspired Pop Art Portrait in Illustrator

pop art tutorials 3
And Warhol pop art is more popular with Photoshop users than illustrator. However using both can take your pop art to the next level. Warhol can be created as you wish, just practice till you refine your own techniques and skills.


Create a Retro Pop Art in Photoshop

pop art tutorials 4
So now you have done some line art pop art and we have played with the bendey dots creation technique. So you should be well on the way to creating your very own pop art. This tutorial will help to bring various pop art styling together into one unique style.


The Traditional Pop Art Comic (with rain!) Effect

pop art tutorials 5
Now it’s your time to shine! You can start adding and playing with special effects to give your personal touch to the art. Don’t be scared, follow your heart and make art that inspires you to make more! Of course let us see your work too!

order lichtenstein art

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Lady Gaga Pop Art

Lady Gaga Pop Art

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The birth of our new celebrity art begins with Lady Gaga. Click image to see full Lady Gaga Pop Art.


Lady Gaga Art

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Make $45 Million While Sleeping! Lichtenstien Style…

Make $45 Million While Sleeping! Lichtenstien Style…

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Get your very own customised Lichtenstein here:


How would you like to earn $45 while sleeping? Well that’s just what Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘sleeping girl’ has done! Created using oil and manga on canvas in 1964 the work has just been auctioned at Sothebys. The hammer went down at a cool $44,882,500 beating all previous record breaking sales of the artist.


So what makes a sleeping girl so attractive?

Well, the artwork itself certainly has sex appeal, mystery and desire. But for what reason did Lichtenstein create it? Well thankfully Sothebys provide a great interview with Paul Schimmel discussing the artwork in depth:


Video in short:

Lichtenstein was different to Warhol. Warhol took celebrities and stars and made them into remote beings. Lichtenstein on the other hand was attracted to the female form in both an emotional and physical way. Roy Lichtenstein was concerned with the emotions of woman and found the emotional connection very important. In particular to the women he loved.
Therefore the artwork he created of women are seen as the most intimate and emotional paintings he ever created.

The artwork was painted in 1964 and at this time there were lots of changes happening in both the artworld and in Lichtensteins personal life also. In 1964 roy met Dorothy while she helped curate a show titled “The Great American Supermarket”. They fell in love and went on to marry the very next year. Roy truly put his life into his work at this time. It is these emotions that Roy felt at this time and the connection between himself and Dorothy was the subject of the emotianal connections between man and women in his work. Roy died in 1997 and Dorothy went on to establish the Lichtenstein Foundation in his honour.

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